Saturday, July 17, 2010

Looks like Glenn Reynolds is wasting his time.

Poor Putz. Despite 18 months of obsessively linking daily to Black Panther stories, Teabagger rallies and hehindeeding the latest anti-Obama screed from the likes of Confederate Yankee -- not a dent.

Despite all the economic trouble, the oil spill, bad news abroad etc., over the past several months Obama’s approval rating has steadily held just a tad below 50% (the RealClearPolitics average has not strayed outside the 46-50% range since last year). It’s not great, but still healthy.

Just to put things in perspective, that’s a couple points higher than McCain’s share of the popular vote. It also means that roughly 90% of Obama voters still approve of him and thus he has not yet suffered any major erosion of support. Furthermore, while some 10% of his voters are disappointed in him, virtually none of them have yet turned against him, as evidenced by the fact that the RealClearPolitics average disapproval rating of 47.1% (as of right now) just happens to be exactly the same as the percentage of Americans who voted against Obama.

Incidentally, this also means that a year and a half of angry rhetoric by Limbaugh, Beck et al. did not manage to convince anybody other than McCain voters that the Obama presidency is not good for the country.

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