Monday, July 19, 2010

Had Nine Tacos for Lunch, Need to Take a Massive Goldberg.

Jonah Goldberg:

And yet no corporation embraces this image [of cartoonish evil]. Even – especially! – the companies that are most reviled by the left are eager to spend millions on their public image and reputation. Tobacco and oil companies fund museums, educational programs and polar bear documentaries on PBS. BP is of course one of the premiere examples of this sort of thing. They went and ditched their name British Petroleum as part of their corporatist, liberal-placating, “Beyond Petroleum” campaign (because petroleum is evil, according to everyone Stan Greenberg knows). Needless to say that money went down a rat hole never to be seen again.

Needless to say, Goldberg is a fucking ass. British Petroleum became BP Amoco in December 1998 as a result of the $62 billion takeover of Amoco.

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