Thursday, June 10, 2010

Win the Morning!!!!!!

DIAF, Politico:

When two White House aides last weekend stripped off their shirts for an afternoon of drinking with friends at a Georgetown bar, there was widespread agreement that it exposed something — beyond the pectorals of speechwriter Jon Favreau and press aide Tommy Vietor — about Washington in the age of Barack Obama.

There was no agreement about what that something was.

Conservative critics said it showed the young Obama crowd needs to get a clue. By these lights, the bare-chested drinking showed the aides acting like — and, thanks to a photo posted on the Web, looking like — frat boys in the midst of two wars and the Gulf oil spill.


Erick Erickson on conservative complained of a double standard, claiming that a similar picture of Bush White House aides would have sparked a huge uproar.

Yeah. Let me know when Biden shows up at Auschwitz wearing a parka and ski cap...

...or Obama rocks out while a city disappears.

Until then, maybe shut the fuck up?

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