Thursday, June 17, 2010

Random Thought on William Buckley.

William F. Buckley, patron saint of modern conservatives, gets a disproportionate amount of shit for his hatred of black people.

Let us not forget that he considered other minorities subhuman, too!

As the Prop 8 trial nears an end, it seems only fitting to reprint something he wrote in 1985, at which time there were 2000 AIDS cases and deaths in New York City alone.1  According to Buckley, AIDS-ridden gays, like Hitler, deserved eternal damnation because they hadn't shown enough contrition2:

Later in the piece, Buckley notes that a local bishop was planning a memorial service for those who had died of the virus. He not pleased:

Anyway, I just figured you'd wanna be aware of this, in case you were planning on buying a t-shirt commemorating the great man.

1 NYC Department of Health
2 Universal Press Syndicate, 12 November, 1985 [via]

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