Monday, June 14, 2010

The Further Adventures of Ed Henry, America's Worst Reporter.

Brooke Gladstone's interview with Ed Henry (last seen bragging that CNN "let me loose" on the floor of the NYSE) reveals Henry to be even more vapid than I even suspected:

BROOKE GLADSTONE: So I was looking at your Twitter feed. “Rahm was chasing Mrs. Biden, and she hid behind me [ED HENRY LAUGHS], so I got in the crosshairs.”


BROOKE GLADSTONE: “A little girl just hit the VP in the face with some water.” You can see how this might make people who want –


- a challenging press corps that holds -


BROOKE GLADSTONE: - the feet of power to the fire distinctly uncomfortable.

No, I don't, actually.

Ed, I believe you.

Here's my favorite line, in which Henry asserts that divining a source's fork-holding/food-chewing habits are really really important:

I think having a meal with someone that you cover actually gives you a lot more perspective on not only who they are but why they're attacking a certain issue, a certain way.

The indefatigable Gladstone, to her credit, is so not persuaded on the value of the backyard bbq:

If these events don't influence coverage, why do you think the White House throws them? Do they just want to shoot you with a super-soaker?

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