Monday, June 07, 2010

Next year, Judith Miller!

Back in 2008, when John Solomon took the executive ed job at the Washington Times, Media Matters heroically chronicled the shitty reporting left in his wake:

  • Solomon ignored Planned Parenthood support for Obama's abortion votes (The Washington Post; 12/14/07)
  • Solomon ignored facts in reporting distribution of Obama's Hopefund contributions (The Washington Post; 11/30/07)
  • Solomon blamed editor for deletion about GOP fundraiser (; 9/05/07)
  • Solomon uncritically quoted Thompson "mocking global warming" (The Washington Post; 7/27/07)
  • Thompson's role as Nixon mole in Watergate probe absent from Solomon's Wash. Post story (The Washington Post; 7/26/07)
  • Wash Post's Baker and Solomon highlighted old disclosures in Clinton books as new (The Washington Post; 5/25/07)
  • Solomon falsely claimed Edwards "opposes" subprime lending (; 5/16/07)
  • Solomon -- whose "investigations" fuel right-wing attacks -- suggested Clinton nonprofit is somehow corrupt (The Washington Post; 2/27/07)
  • Wash. Post baselessly linked Abramoff to Democratic fundraisers (The Washington Post; 2/24/07)
  • Solomon baselessly suggested Edwards broke campaign finance law (; 1/23/07)
  • Solomon baselessly suggested shady Edwards land deal (The Washington Post; 1/19/07)
  • In follow-up article on Reid, Solomon continued pattern of distortion (The Associated Press; 6/01/06)
  • Responding to Media Matters, AP continued to mislead in reporting on Reid (The Associated Press; 5/31/06)
  • Even more serious flaws emerge in AP story about Reid's attendance at boxing matches (The Associated Press; 5/29/06)
  • Solomon lobbed more faulty ethics accusations at Reid (The Associated Press; 5/29/06)
  • AP continued to mislead on purported Abramoff-Reid link (The Associated Press; 2/11/06)
  • AP left out key facts in report linking Reid, Abramoff (The Associated Press, 2/09/06)

I mention this because an excellent organization, the Center for Public Integrity, has just named Solomon its first "journalist-in-residence."

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