Thursday, June 03, 2010

Because they're racists. Duh.

Powerline reacts to the death of an American aboard the flotilla with the compassion you'd expect:

The facts are not entirely clear, but it appears that Dogan was born in the United States to Turkish parents who returned to Turkey not long thereafter. (The ABC story says he was two years old.) Apparently Dogan had lived in Turkey with his family since that time. He apparently was, in other words, a "birthright citizen," solely by virtue of the fact that his parents were residing in the U.S. when he was born.

If that is the case--and, again, the facts are not yet entirely clear--it is silly to call him an "American of Turkish descent."
He, like the other members of his family, was a Turk.

Know who else is a birthright citizen? John McCain. Know who agrees that McCain is a "great American"? Powerline.

Notice, please, that these stupid Minnesotan cunts do not believe that McCain is a Panama Canal Zone-American or an American of Panama Canal Zone descent.

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