Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The wingnut shuffle

Pammy Atlas - who remains no more than a duffel bag full of psych meds and a lot of Photoshop away from pageant circuit success herself - reacts to the Muslim Miss America. As if she would pass up the opportunity:
Excelsior! Here is an icon for the advent of modernizing the Muslim world. She embodies everything sharia and the Islamic world deplore -- free women. Burn those burkas, baby, and come on in. The water is just fine. I wonder if the ink is dry on the fatwa...Fakih has been deftly profiled in the Detroit Free Press in a piece that chronicles her unique journey. The daughter of Lebanese immigrants, Fakih's parents proudly supported her despite grumblings from certain elements of their community.
What? Muslim Miss USA is a good thing? Who are you and what have you done with Pam "Pickin' Peanuts Out of My Own Shit" Geller?
UPDATE: Further, of course (Miss) Oklahoma (ed: who is white) should have gotten it. Hellooooooooooooooo. The dhimmi judges thought they were being Islamophiliac. But their utter stupidity has made for Shakespearean irony. Rima is an affront to Islam, a pox on their house. The judges know not what they've done.
"Since my readers are flipping out that I said something about a Muslim other than that she should be gassed and incinerated, let me remind you all that I still believe this is racial tokenism. The honor was clearly stolen from the deserving white woman."

Remain calm, Atlas readers: the Uncle Tom is still here to validate your racial resentment theories. Dance, Pammy, dance!

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