Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh Dear.

Hugh Hewitt says the Dems fooling themselves for predicting anything short of a massacre in November. "This is an almost exact reversal of the summer of 2006 when Republicans were whistling past all the bad news headed their way," he writes. Hilariously, Hewitt cites Karl Rove's column for the "real story" on Tuesday's elections.

Here's why that's particularly funny. Let's go back to election eve, November 6, 2006:

HH: Karl, you’ve been an optimist. What sort of data do you have? And what’s it telling you to justify that optimism?

KR: Well, for the past six weeks or so, I’ve been looking at as many as 68 polls every week, for as many as 68 races for the House, the Senate and governorships. And so I see the national polls, like everybody else does, but I get a chance to look at the data all across the country, and I see in these individual races that candidates have been able to create it as a choice between them and their opponent. Not just on local issues, but on big national issues as well. And as a result, it gives me a sense of optimism that we’ll have a Republican Senate and a Republican House.

Ha ha.

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