Monday, May 10, 2010

Make it Stop.

Howard Kurtz plays dumb, I think:

Q: As a reader, why should I take claims that the Post does not have a political bias (outside of the editorial section) when they refuse to hre or establish conservative bloggers, but have no problem adding liberal ones?

KURTZ: The Post's op-ed page certainly has plenty of balance, with the likes of Michael Gerson, George Will and to a lesser extent Kathleen Parker offering different viewpoints than Gene Robinson and E.J. Dionne. But I think it's fair to ask why The Post's Web sites haven't hired a prominent conservative blogger, not just someone to cover the right, in the way that they have hired liberal bloggers.

Ha ha right.

Those of us not blessed with the memory of mayflies may recall the Post's grand experiment in wingnut blogging. It did not end well.

If the Post learned anything from the Domenech debacle, it was to keep professional fabulists such as Michael Gerson and Marc Thiessen -- both hired after the Red America flame-out -- away from the blogs and stick 'em in the print edition.

I don't know how those two war criminals can possibly stand such marginalization.

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