Thursday, May 13, 2010

FOX: Illegal Immigration Good for the Economy!

Don't tell the Minutemen:

Arizona’s recently-passed immigration law has drawn heated debate on both sides of the immigration issue, but there has been little focus on what economic impact illegal immigration has on border states – a phenomenon that’s likely larger than many people realize. Putting the law and morality of illegal entry aside, several studies have shown the illegal immigrant population is more of an economic contributor to state and local economies than politicians like to tell an angry electorate. The numbers can be broken down into the fiscal cost (or gain) of illegal immigrants to states, along with the economic contribution of the population.

The most thorough study on the fiscal and economic impact of immigration was done by the non-partisan Texas Comptrollers’ Office in 2006, which showed Texas earned more in taxes and economic output from illegal immigrants than governments spent to provide services.

Not really a surprise. Given that undocumented immigrants are also excellent mortgages risks, why should anyone be surprised that they positively impact the economy?

Methinks the nativist wing of the GOP is in real trouble if they don't have FOX in their corner.

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