Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Der Krauthammer on Immigration and the Integrity of John "Amur'ca First" McCain

To think, he was a mere hundred-plus electoral votes from winning:
McCain had an argument with Obama in the meeting [between Obama and Senate Republicans]. It was described as rather testy. Interestingly, McCain, who was on the Obama side of the argument three years ago, is now (because of a [primary] challenge in his own state) on the other – on the correct side today, in which he said to the president ’close the damn border.’ . . .

And the president of course objected. The only answer here, and it is a simple answer — I say it again and again, because there is no objection that makes sense: Complete the fence. Don't send the Guard down there. They are going to go, they’re going to come back — [it] won't make any difference. A fence remains. A fence works. . . .
I have an objection that makes sense: high-tech anti-fence technology recently developed by Mexican engineers:

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