Thursday, April 29, 2010

Roger Simon, Asshole.

Remember when some teabaggers called John Lewis a nigger? Here's Roger L. Simon:

There was no proof at all offered for this accusation of racism.

See, this is funny because Simon's shtick is he youstabee a liberal. That's why he brags -- here, here, here, here, here, here and here -- that he was totally a Civil Rights activist in the sixties.

Now, along comes John Lewis, a man who's probably been called a nigger more than once or twice, and he's a liar? His word's not good enough for the screenwriter of Scenes from a Mall?

Well. It's repulsive as hell that Roger L. Simon happily associates himself with the Civil Rights movement just to sell a few of his shitty books. Perhaps we ought to start asking questions?

Hey Roger, how about some proof you were a civil rights worker in the sixties? We demand video. Absent that, well, I guess you're a fucking liar.

(On a side note, Simon's newfound fealty to the truth is humorous. This is the same guy who wrote, "Many have speculated that the famous vanishing Iraqi WMDs were slipped over the border into Syria. Who knows where these came from but WorldNet Daily is reporting that Syria may have tested chemical arms on civilians in the Sudan[.]")

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