Thursday, April 08, 2010

Steven Den Beste Needs a Hug. Or at Least a Japanese Body Pillow.

You know who Steven Den Beste is, right? To wingnuts, he's a "legend," "one of the great shining lights of the blogosphere’s firmament." Non-wingnuts may hazily remember his 25,000-word treatises on why war with Iraq was teh awesome.

Another half-forgotten fact? Sometime during Bush's second term he began blogging exclusively about anime. The results were a little icky: "James has a nice animated GIF of a Japanese booth babe. Some might say she's a bit plump, but I think she's just right." And: "The promo for Seikon no Qwaser just hit the torrents. Oh, moan... it's even worse than I thought it would be. Closeup panty shots of nuns... lots of bare tits, with nipples."

Recent entries suggest Den Beste (despite once accusing women of "help[ing] the process of trying to emasculate me") yearns for female companionship of the flesh 'n' blood kind:

There's a power you sometimes see in magic shows involving girls which can completely shred a girl's clothing without making even the slightest mark on the tender, lovely skin beneath. I sure wish I knew how they do that. Whatever the technique is, it happens twice in this show -- with rather different results depending on which version you're watching. I've got four NSFW frame grabs below the fold.

Indeed he does and indeed they are. The girls in those frame grabs look to be about 12.

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