Friday, March 26, 2010


Ever since #hcr became law, conservatives have lost it and lost it hard. Kyle-Shiver's latest offering is typical of the current 'we're all gonna die' strain of American wingnut thought. For the sake of our beloved readers, her column has been condensed to its marrow, but not a word has been changed:

Standing in arrogant defiance of the will of the American citizenry ... Narcissus incarnate ... the judicial civil war began...  a single man who would perfectly display the despicable picture of tyranny for the American people. ... the citizenry have clearly seen the horrendous beast of tyranny for the first time in more than a century. ... Insulated in his bubble of Chicago cronies... Narcissist O has just gotten his own kind of Enabling Act. ... Alinsky laid out his thesis ... Trotsky’s summary of Lenin’s infamous April Theses ... Alinsky ... Alinsky ... Alinsky’s pinnacle of success now resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue... They pulled all Americans into an abyss of completely uncharted territory. ... Oh, Democrats, what have you done? ... Batten down the hatches. Anything-but-smooth sailing is straight ahead. And only the strong will survive.

I know John Cole renounced Peak Wingnut Theory, but this has to be close...

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