Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spare Me.

About the Wired Andrew Breitbart sponge bath everyone's talking about... Look:

But a great tip can always capture his attention. Today, for example, he’s working in that apartment, reading about the finances of Media Matters, the press watchdog that has devoted hundreds of posts in the past four months to bashing Breitbart. He stares at his laptop screen. “Oh, this is good. This is good,” he mutters. “They raised $10 million this year. I’m working out of a basement, and I’m kicking their fucking asses.

Breitbart is very fond of journalists knowing he works in the basement.

-- "During a recent visit to his home on the west side of Los Angeles, Breitbart, 41, is working from his own basement."

-- "Breitbart lives in Los Angeles and runs his web operations from an office in his basement."

-- "Yeah, of course I need money. I’m working out of my basement still."


But, like, the basement is in a 4,000-square-foot home in Westwood, where the average abode costs well north of a million bucks.

The man-of-the-people act is stale, Andy.

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