Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Will the GOP Denounce A Truther in their Midst?

Jason Chaffetz is a Congressman from Utah.

He sometimes posts at The Corner. He is admired by the many factions of the GOP -- the nativists, the necons, and the stupid.

He is also a 9/11 Truther.

Q: A reopening into the investigation of 9/11?

CHAFFETZ: Well there’s a lot we still need to learn. Of course we want to look into that issue, look at every aspect of it. [...] Who was the BYU professor? [...] Steve Jones, yeah I’ve met with him. He’s done some interesting work.

Q: Have you given much thought to the possibility it was a false flag terrorist attack on 9/11?

CHAFFETZ: Well I know there’s still a lot to learn about what happened and what didn’t happen, we should be vigilant and continue to investigate that, absolutely.

Q: Appreciate that. We at We Are The Change believe it was a false flag terrorist attack, that the buildings came down with internally placed demolition.

I look forward to a swift, merciless denunciation! Heh, I keed.

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