Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Hugh Hewitt Calls for Investigation of Justice Department.

Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab is talking to the feds, which is a good thing. He was read his Miranda Rights, which, if you take the conservative line, is a bad thing.

Hugh Hewitt, perhaps because he finds it distasteful that the FBI has gained "useful" intelligence from Abdulmutallab without torturing him, wants punitive action taken towards the Justice Department. From his interview with Michael Isikoff:

HH: Has any serious investigation of Holder’s senior advisers on this been done? Because there continue to be reports that many of them were involved in the defense efforts on behalf of Gitmo detainees prior to joining the administration, including Eric Holder’s law firm, Covington and Burling.

MI: Right, right.

HH: And that this is crippling their ability to make serious judgments…

MI: Well, let me just answer that. I mean, that, I have to say, that strikes me as a completely bogus issue. Anybody who goes into the Justice Department who has previously worked in private practice has represented all sorts of accused criminals, convicted criminals, money launderers, drug traffickers, or their law firms have, you know, white collar crooks. And…but does that mean they retain sympathy for white collar crooks and drug smugglers and money launderers when they get into high positions of authority in the Justice Department? Of course not. Nobody suspects that.

HH: Clever, but totally beside the point. Good sophistry.

MI: Why is that beside the point? It is exactly on point.

HH: Because the question is an ideological…if you are going to represent a Gitmo defendant, almost certainly most of those who agree to do so will do so out of a deeply held, sincerely developed convictions about how justice ought to treat unlawful combatants. If you take those Gitmo defense lawyers, and put them in the Department of Justice, their ideological predisposition is going to be rather a change from what went before them. And the question I’m just asking, not that they’re bad people for doing that, but has anyone investigated how many of them there are, and what their role is in developing this?

MI: Well, there have been claims, but what, are you suggesting that Eric Holder has some ideological predisposition to be sympathetic to terrorists? I mean, is that what you’re suggesting? Come on.

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