Thursday, January 07, 2010


God bless the Beltway press corps, always reliably carrying water for the GOP. Chris Dodd retires and this is the intro to the headline story on The Hill:
Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd (Conn.) on Wednesday announced that he will not seek another term after facing a tough reelection bid.

Dodd's decision to retire is another blow to the increasingly fragile Democratic majority in the Senate.

Last time I checked, Dodd was polling poorly and his replacement, Dick Blumenthal, was the most popular politician in the state. Last time I checked, Blumenthal had a hilariously large lead over presumptive GOP nominee Rob Simmons (59-28. 59-28!). Last time I checked, The Hill never let facts get in the way of fellating the Republican establishment.

A few hours later, The Hill amended its story to note that replacing the trailing, scandal-ridden candidate with one who has a 2:1 lead in the polls was not such bad news for the Democrats after all.

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