Monday, January 11, 2010

Why Wingnuts Don't "Do" Reporting, Excuse #34563485684.

A year ago, Matthew Yglesias observed that "What the right lacks are people with the skill" to produce real journalism. The response from the right was, eh, intense. Malkin's tepid defense of her conservative comrades simply made it clear how right Yglesias was.

Brian Maloney at the Radio Equalizer continues to do ahead-of-the-curve investigative work on his solo blog. You’ll recall that we teamed up to report on Air America’s financial shenanigans in 2005 — reporting that was resurrected in the Coleman/Franken race this fall. This year, Maloney broke several radio/media industry stories, many of which were picked up by Drudge or the rest of the MSM without attribution or hat tips. A sample: Maloney’s story on KGO nut Charles Karel Bouley threatening Joe The Plumber; financial turmoil at Citadel Radio; exclusives on Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes; reports on the unhinged rants of Randi Rhodes and Roseanne Barr...

Easy there, Woodstein! Turns out, conservatives really do suck at reporting. And now, thanks to newly-minted mogul Roger L. Simon Tucker Carlson, we know why:

Carlson, who started out as a Weekly Standard writer before becoming a cable pundit, says the site [the Daily Caller] will be distinguished by original reporting, including his own. "One reason there isn't more reporting online is that it's really expensive," he says.

So true. Everyone knows that Josh Marshall edits TPM from atop a throne of gold and Brian Beutler has an expense account that would make Tom Friedman jealous.

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