Sunday, January 31, 2010

Teabaggers sound an awful lot like Bush Republicans.

There's actually an intellectually coherent strain of the right -- the Ron Paul Republicans. They are for limited government, and as a consequence, favor the dismantling of the Pax Americana and the industrial military complex.

This makes sense -- you can't have "small government" and have military personnel in 140 countries.

But this paradox gives Teabaggers like Putz absolutely no cognitive dissonance.
Many people -- er, well, many pundits, anyway -- complain that the Tea Party movement is entirely oppositional: For a brief moment, the key buzzword was "nihilistic," though the connection between Turgenev and Tea Parties seems rather tenuous.

In fact, Tea Partiers seem quite clear on what they're for: A limited government, one that keeps its nose out of their business and focuses on things like protecting the country in preference to redistributing income.

But to Putz, "protecting the country" means waging endless costly wars, a defense budget of $700B a year, supporting a gargantuan national security infrastructure, and never cutting defense spending ever.

"Limited government" my ass.

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