Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pajama Putziness.

VDH just wants to throw some stuff out there, if that's okay with you...

There are a number of things we simply no longer talk about. The silence is partly due to intellectual laziness. Or maybe it is because of political correctness—or even attributable to ignorance and the absence of curiosity.

Mostly, these "things" concern a favorite hobbyhorse of conservatives -- whitey has it rough! For example, in an effort to explain California's economic woes, Hanson slags undocumented immigrants. He says:

California, by most estimates, has somewhere between 40-50% of the nation’s illegal immigrants. That may mean 5-7 million residents here illegally, most without English, documentation, or high-school diplomas.


In 2008, California had the most illegal immigrants at 2.7 million, double its 1990 number, followed by Texas, Florida, New York and New Jersey. Still, California's 22% share of the nation's illegal immigrant population was a marked drop-off from its 42% share in 1990.

I'll save you the trouble of clicking through: Hanson thinks the Iraq surge was a "brilliant success" and, somewhat oddly, "the construction of Barack Obama, the former Barry Soetoro, and his apotheosis by elite whites, is again an unintended paradigm of the times."

I leave to people smarter than me to explain that.

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