Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm Pretty Sure This is What Kaus Means By 'Excitable.'

Mr Sullivan's latest seems specifically designed to send John Cole back to the hospital. Like, forever.

In short order, he says he's "encouraged by the spending freeze and thrilled by the debt commission idea" (for reals?) and that "If [Obama] cannot deliver" -- i.e. force the House and Senate to pass the goddamn healthcare bill -- he...

Wait. Read for yourself:

These are dark times as the forces of reaction and resistance redouble their efforts to prevent any reform on any issue. Obama was elected to break through that impasse. If he cannot deliver, he must cede to someone who can.

Look, I realize that Sullivan sometimes lets his heart get the way of his head. It's a trait that, frankly, makes him equal parts interesting and infuriating. That's okay! But it sounds like he's saying that if the Senate and House don't agree on a bill, Obama ought to resign.

Am I misreading this? Were it not for Sullivan's famous hatred for Hillary Clinton, I'd say he was taking his cues from Will Bower. (thnx, Tom65!)

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