Sunday, January 03, 2010

Glenn Reynolds: still a race-baiting asshole.

It's hard to do better than Roy Edroso, so I'm just going to outsource by Putz post today to him.
I MEAN, DID YOU EVER LOOK AT A DOLLAR BILL, MAN? THERE'S SOME SPOOKY STUFF GOING ON IN A DOLLAR BILL, MAN. Holy moley, they're still doing heavy photo analysis on Obama. Today the Ole Perfesser finds a pic of the President in a less than subservient attitude and goes all Ann Althouse:
OBAMA AND BIDEN: Analyze the body language. From the White House Flickr page.

UPDATE: No, I don’t think Obama’s facial expression is just a fluke of when the shutter went off. His eyes aren’t closed, as some with poor displays seem to think. Here’s a detail from the frame.
Jesus Christ. I wonder if he tried folding it to turn Obama's head into a mushroom.
ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Joseph Gautier writes: “If I really wanted to set my dad off, all I’d have to do is send him this photo..."
No doubt it would: "A nigger in a tuxedo!"

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