Monday, January 18, 2010

Also, Summarily Execute Rahm Emanuel. kthxbai!

Oy. (bumped by BT)

Progressives, please help defeat Coakley

"It is very important that progressives help defeat Coakley. Please read my explanation." Uh, no. I think you should go fuck yourself.

Getting egged on by Putz? Bad!

...BT adds (in comments as well):

It's important to distinguish between The Seminal diaries -- where any idiot can post whatever they want -- and the FDL front page.

Just as anyone can go to Kos and publish a diary about how awesome voting for Cynthia McKinney and Ralph Nader is and what a corporatist shill Obama is, you can do the same at Seminal.

You'll note that this particular diarist has a whopping two posts.

So attributing that headline to "FireDogLake" the way Putzy has done is -- suprise! -- totally dishonest.

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