Thursday, December 03, 2009

Well, That's Your Problem Right There.

In an effort to win back the wayward Charles Johnson, David Frum writes:

Yes, the right is the home of a lot of junk thought and huckstering exploitation. It’s also the home of Milton Friedman and James Q. Wilson, Charles Murray and George Borjas, Richard Pipes and Robert Conquest, Tom Wolfe and Philip Larkin, Friedrich Hayek and George Stigler, Leszek Kolakowski and John Lukacs, Bernard Lewis and Fouad Ajami. I’ll offset Sarah Palin with Margaret Thatcher, Glenn Beck with Melvin Lasky, Pat Robertson with Richard John Neuhaus.

OK, but any movement that puts Bell Curve Murray on the plus side of the ledger -- suggesting his gussied-up eugenics isn't "junk thought" -- has real issues.

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