Monday, December 28, 2009

Laughter and Forgetting Redux.

First it was Althouse, now Hugh Hewitt:

2009 is the worst year for a president since 1978[.]

Ahem. Maybe a review of George W. Bush's first year is in order:
  • In the wake of a collision with an American sub and a Japanese fishing ship during which nine are killed, President Bush appeased embarrasses America apologizes to the Japanese.
  • An EP-3 collided with a Chinese plane over PRC airspace. 24 crewmembers were detained and interrogated until the U.S. appeased apologized to the Chinese.
  • On September 11, 2001 much unpleasantness occurs, conservatives salivate.
  • U.S. invades Afghanistan, does not catch Osama bin Laden. However, lots of people die, so it's a wash, right?

In short: eat a dick up til you hiccup, Hugh.

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