Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Good Use of Bandwidth.

It's bad enough that Arianna Huffington let Jim Carrey use The Huffington Post as a soapbox from which to rail against vaccinating children.

That's her business, I guess, and perhaps someday the blood on their hands will wash off.

 But pray tell, why is the most influential liberal website in the land reprinting this Tony Blankley drek from The Washington Times? Is Arianna concerned that Mr. Blankley's weekly Times column is not enough of a platform?

Maybe she simply finds such sparkling writing too awesome to pass up:

Taking stock this second Christmas after the election of Barack Obama to the presidency, as a conservative Republican (with growing tea-party tendencies) I'm filled with a thrilling, unexpected hopefulness that the president may be well on his way to losing his battle for the hearts and minds of the American people -- tempered by a shocked disbelief that so much long-term damage could have been perpetrated on the American economy, national security and way of life in just 11 months of ill-judged governance.

Yes, I can see the crossover appeal.

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