Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Go Away.

Betty observes:

[I]t would be helpful if certain annoying people would fuck off in 2010.

She lists her top five, all of whom are deserving.

Here's mine:
  • Ed Schultz: He's become (always has been?) a C-List Keith Olbermann. High profile progressives ought to be above Fox News-type shenanigans, not embrace their essence (See Maddow, Rachel).
  • Robert Stacy McCain: The world needs fewer racists. At the very least, I hope Mrs. McCain gets tired of government cheese and leaves him for someone more employable. Preferably John Hawkins.
  • Roger L. Simon: Not even conservatives read Pajamas Media, and Simon's interests have become irritatingly narrow -- these days he only writes about the Lakers, Iran and Al Gore. He is of no use to me.
  • Big Tent Democrat: An illiterate, humorless scold, BTD's output consists largely of "as I have said many times," followed by some autofellatio linkage. Unless John Cole wants to slap him around in '10, he's a waste of space.
  • The entire staff of Reason except for Radley Balko: Because they exist solely to fuck Ayn Rand's corpse. Icky!
Please do leave your own picks in comments.

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