Monday, December 07, 2009

'Dhimmitude' Makes The Times.

See that lady on the left? That's a crazy person known as Bat Ye'or. She believes that European universities are "controlled by the Palestinians" and that, thanks to the presence of Muslims, "Europe will become a vassal, a satellite of the Arab world." And that European churches are in "collusion with the Muslims." 

What Bat Ye'or is best known for, though, is the popularization of the term word 'dhimmitude,' a longtime favorite of the Pam Geller/Robert Spencer/pre-rebirth Charles Johnson crowd.

Anyway, this word of dubious legitimacy has for the first time appeared in a column, by Ross Douthat, in The New York Times:

The most likely scenario for Europe isn’t dhimmitude; it’s a long period of tension, punctuated by spasms of violence, that makes the Continent a more unpleasant place without fundamentally transforming it.

This is a troubling precedent. I suppose it's only a matter of time before the NYT goes the Full Geller and Thomas Friedman vlogs in a bikini.

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