Monday, November 23, 2009

Politico is a Quality Publication.

From the very prestigious Arena comes intended funny from Bradley Blakeman:

Glen [sic] Beck is an entertainer/talk show host not a politician or party leader. Glen [sic] has never been elected to anything nor has he appeared on behalf of the RNC. The fact that he has a popular cable show and a radio program does not make him a champion of anything except his own career. He lives or does [sic] by ratings not votes. He is no more a leader of the Republican party as Jon Stewart, Bill Mahr [sic], Michael Moore, Orpah [sic], Olbermann, Maddow or Ed Shultz [sic] are to the Democrats. Do these popular celebrities hit on populist themes? You bet. Can they influence elections? Probably not.

Not kidding. For posterity:

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