Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

ABC's aliens-coming-to-Earth drama V premieres this evening and some of America's sharpest thinkers have been working overtime peeling back the layers of subtext to expose the stinging political commentary that lies within. America's Stupidest Mantm says:
As many, many readers have noted the Visitors seem to share much of Barack Obama's agenda. We bring you free healthcare! We bring you hope and change! But in reality they're a bunch of thugs from Planet Chicago.
The comparisons are pretty obvious.To support his point he calls in America's Second Stupidest man:
The telltale alien behavior is everywhere. In "V" (a remake of the early-1980s series), the otherworldly "visitors" want to bring us universal health care. They possess a knack for speechwriting and managing the message. In "By the People," well . . . same thing! It's all about happy people flying in from strange places, smiling at complicitly available TV cameras.
Is anything more amusing than wingnuts projecting their worldview and trying to think symbolically?

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