Monday, November 02, 2009


It's bad enough that journalist feel comfortable asking President Obama how he feels about important matters like the transgressions of Kayne West. The theory, I guess, is that because neither the leader of the free world nor the musician are Caucasians, this amateur crap is acceptable.

Hugh Hewitt takes this to another level entirely. He's angry because the Speaker of the House won't take the time to rap the knuckles of a two-bit spiritualist:

Deepak Chopra comes to mind as one of the Left’s loudest purveyors of hate speech. Chopra has a problem with the beliefs of mainstream Christianity and its place in America and American history, but his deep prejudice goes unrebuked by champions of tolerance like Pelosi.

Hard to believe, right? I'm sure that as soon Pelosi finishes working on legislation that Hugh Hewitt doesn't care for, she will circle back to this is very serious problem.

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