Saturday, November 07, 2009

Catholic Bishops on board with health care reform bill.

And it came at a price.

K-Lo, spitting as she types, is incoherent as ever.
There are bishops in the Catholic Church who knows [sic] better than to stand for the liberal Democratic bureaucrats in the bishops' conference running the show at such a crucial moment as right now, when the majority party in Washington is looking to ram through a revolutionary government-run health-care scheme, short on details, high on cost, riddled with life and death concerns. I hope some who know the score — the stakes in this debate and the reality of what the conference is — are paying attention today, as the Politico is giving the impression the bishops have endorsed Pelosicare. (Possibly because that's the spin that in from the conference legislative office.)
Yes, the notoriously liberal Politico has conspired with the notoriously liberal Conference of US Bishops (who have favored universal health care since the 40s, by the way) -- to help Pelosi ram through a "revolutionary scheme."

What a whack-job.

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