Sunday, October 04, 2009

See How Not-Racist They Are? So Not-Racist!

Seems Janeane Garofalo made a "controversial" claim -- that teabaggers are pretty racist.

Whatever, right? Well, no.


The answer, you will be shocked to learn, is that black people have now been given license to riot.

The disaffected African-American youth in this country who are looking for any sort of reason to justify their anti-social behavior will latch onto such screeds as a defense.

Yes, apparently the words of a washed-up comedienne

will be used by those on the other side to justify any actions they take against the racists they see in their midst.

Any! Yes, this was just the excuse "the other side" -- wink, wink, cough, BLACK PEOPLE ARE TRAITORS -- needed!

I fully expect to see families of causasians swinging from trees, notes pinned to their fall season pea coats with the message "Janeane is cool with this."

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