Monday, September 28, 2009

So Much for Peace in the Middle East...

From Hugh Hewitt's interview with Frank Gaffney:

HH: I encourage everyone listening to join the Center for Security Policy, support them, write them a check. Last question, Frank, let’s finish on an up note, I know you’re headed to the airport. Netanyahu was pretty doggone good yesterday as a rallying point. As one e-mailer said, this must be what it was like to listen to Churchill in the 30’s, not in the 40s when he assumed command, but in the 30s when he was giving fair warning. I think it had an amazingly good effect, a bracing tonic. What do you think?

FG: Yeah, I was in Israel about a month ago, and I urged Netanyahu and his team to do exactly this. We need more of it. And now, the really important part, now, he needs to back it up with his actions. And I think that will probably have to involve at this point eliminating the existential threat that we talked about at the top of this interview. It’s not going to go away. It’s not going to be appeased into an acceptable danger. The Iranian nuclear weapons program is an existential threat to Israel, and I believe to the United States as well.

Yeah, Frank Gaffney is an egocentric jackass, so this isn't definitive. Still, is it possible that Israel's head of state is taking advice from a bigoted birther? Say it ain't so.

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