Thursday, August 27, 2009

Megan comes back for even more stupid!

She just doesn't know when to stop digging.

I wish Putz would read this comment by Nelson Alexander underneath. I cannot edit it, it's too good.

How Many Gun Advocates Can Dance on the Head of a Pin?

This is a delightful example of the way in which "libertarian economics" has become the medieval scholasticism of the American Empire, pure dogma and creed gussied up as expertise, arcane logic, and methodology.

By comparison to other advanced nations, the United States has an enormous gun industry, gun sales, gun profits, and gun lobby--complete with lavishly funded gun groups, gun advocates, gun think tanks, gun research, and gun-partial economists.

Consequently, the United States has:

(A) More guns, guns, guns, by any measure, than other nations. Way, way more. Something like 350 million floating around, all of which start out as legally purchased commodities. The U.S. also has:

(B) More gun deaths than any other advanced nation. Way, way more. Over 30,000 per year, over 80 blood-splattering deaths per day, etc. (More overall than have been killed in all wars by all foreign enemies, if we exclude the Civil War.) People in other advanced nations find this, well... grotesque.

The role of the "libertarian economist" is to formulate numbers, studies, and scholarly sounding words to prove that there is NO POSSIBLE relationship between A and B. Many medieval proofs of this are religiously and loudly chanted.

Consider some famous demonstrations of libertarian scholasticism: First Proof: If the angry co-worker did not own that assault rifle, he could have killed his colleagues with the stapler on his desk. It just would have taken longer. Second Proof: "Normal" gun owners do not kill people. Only "abnormal" gun owners kill people. How do we know which gun owners are "abnormal"? Easy. Those are the ones who kill people. Third Proof: If everyone carried a gun, we could all shoot shooters before the shooters shoot someone, so everyone is safer.

Needless to say, there is always generous patronage for any licensed "Doctor of Economics" who can torture some data into a further "proof" of the social benefits of more and more guns. Like debt, obesity, and cringing faith in the wisdom of The Market, the right to carry a big, ballistic phallus is just part of the American way. ("Just try it, Pal! Just try and take my phallus!") It is the work of libertarian scholasticism to demonstrate why it is all logical.

All I can say is "bravo."

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