Saturday, July 25, 2009

Glenn Reynolds: racial tension in America is all Obama's fault.

Putz, at his worst.
HMM: Crowley’s Union Predicts Obama Will Regret Remarks. Still waiting for that post-racial society we were promised during the campaign. . .
Funny thing about that. Because during the campaign, we saw the ugliest racism imaginable from the right, including at McCain-Palin events. But those were totally unremarkable to Putz. And since then, there's been an onslaught of racist ugliness from the Republican party and the Teabaggers, but also -- totally unremarkable to Putz.

But Obama expresses an opinion about the absurdity of arresting a 60 year old black man at his house, and he's suddenly to blame for all of the nation's racial ills.



Digby echoes the sentiment vp made in comments.
And by the way, if anyone wants to see some real incoherence on this subject, consult the right wingers who are defending the policeman today, but who also believe that anyone has the right to shoot first and ask questions later if they "feel" threatened in their own home.

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