Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"I wish Sarah Palin would just go away."

But she won't, because she's a bit of a media whore who has no desire to return to Alaska.

...I just want her to stop milking her role as GOP martyr. Palin should stick to her day job - by which I mean, governing Alaska, not being fodder for talk-show humor.

Palin's become late-period Elvis -- playing the old hits, but the once-formidable spark is gone.

No matter; she's given Treacher a reason to live.

"All she did was take her kid to a ballgame," he says, adjusting his crown of thorns as he props himself up on the cross.

Sure, Jim, and all she did was take her kid to a Flyers game, all she did was have Bristol publicly humiliated on the tarmac...

Yes, Sarah Palin is mother of the year.

Frankly, JT's attachment to Our Lady of the Caribou is far creepier than anything David Letterman has ever said or done.

I think he should be fired.

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