Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Charming. (update)

Rod Dreher:

Big kerfuffle in Fort Worth as gay protesters complain that cops who turned up at a gay bar to arrest patrons were brutal. I find this hilarious:
Protesters said they want to know why Fort Worth police officers and Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission agents used what the protesters described as excessive force when arresting seven patrons at the Rainbow Lounge early Sunday. ...

In a statement, the Fort Worth Police Department said agents inspected three bars early Sunday and police arrested patrons at the Rainbow Lounge because they were drunk and tried to grope officers.

How drunk and horny do you have to be to be a male who gropes a male cop -- especially in Texas!?

Please note the "...".

Here's what Dreher left out:

Todd Camp of Fort Worth, who was at the bar, said one person was hospitalized after hitting his head during the incident. Police could not confirm that Sunday night.

"It was incredibly excessive and brutal," Camp said.

No word yet on whether Dreher also finds this beating "hilarious."


Senior Editor Tammye Nash is just now leaving the hospital in Fort Worth where she spoke with Chad Gibson’s family. Gibson is in intensive care after reportedly suffering head trauma when he was thrown to the ground by police early Sunday during a raid of the Rainbow Lounge. Nash said she visited with Gibson’s mother and his sister this morning, and they told her that his condition has worsened. Gibson reportedly has a brain bleed — also known as intracerebral hemorraghing — and the clot inside his skull has gotten larger and shifted, which is a bad sign. Gibson is scheduled for another CT scan at 10 a.m. today. After that, doctors will decide whether the clot can be shrunk with medication or whether they need to perform surgery.


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