Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stay Classy!

Oh dear. Looks like the Sotomayor nomination has driven Althouse crazy crazier.

To you and I me*, this photo might seem innocuous...

...but Professor Onion Ring, naturally, has a more sophisticated take...
IN THE COMMENTS: Palladian, who has expertise in art, writes:
Her knee looks like a giant grey Idaho potato hovering in the foreground. The arm of the chair repeats the shape on the right of the frame, making it look like her other knee, which in turn makes it look like her hand is dead center in her enormous crotch, pawing at her cooch. You avoid those things in portraiture. Also not good to crop her right arm off. It implies that she's an amputee.
He is right, of course...

On balance, I'm pretty sure this is an insult to Maureen Dowd.


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