Wednesday, April 01, 2009

NY-20 is very good news for the GOP.

Attaturk thinks the "everything's plus plus good for the GOP" meme is officially dead.


Putz finds the silver lining!

...TS [i.e. TNR fanboy] HERE: For a good take by a guy who's not a jackass, read Judis:

When the 6,000 absentee votes are counted in the next week, Republican State Assemblyman Jim Tedesco might emerge the winner over Democrat Scott Murphy in the race to fill Kirsten Gillibrand’s upstate New York House seat. But make no mistake about it: Murphy’s election night edge of 65 is a vote of confidence for President Barack Obama and his economic program. It means the coming struggle for passage of his budget will be a little easier than it might have been. ...

Murphy’s election night edge is going to give Obama’s Republican opponents--and perhaps some of his Democratic doubters--pause before they try to block his budget. Obama's not home free, but he and his administration can breathe a little easier.

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