Friday, December 19, 2008


When Gustave Flaubert Roger Simon begins his latest warbling

Brrr… it’s cold outside here in LA... takes him nearly two paragraphs to get to the Al Gore crack:

Still the global warming dispute goes on. If there’s ever been an argument with (excuse the metaphor) more heat than light, this is it. Sometimes the whole thing reminds me of Galileo’s travails insisting the Earth revolved around the Sun, which I admit I largely know about from Brecht’s play, not a particularly accurate source, I know. But what we often seem to have here is the AWG skeptics ironically in the role of Galileo with the liberal intelligentsia playing an ultra-conservative clergy led by Al Gore. Nevertheless, as I have said what feels like a zillion times, just because Al thinks something is so, doesn’t mean it isn’t.

Yes, Roger, you have mentioned Al Gore once or twice. Please stop.

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