Sunday, December 14, 2008

BREAKING: Jules Crittenden is even stupider than previously thought.

Some angry Iraqi threw his shoes at Commander Flightsuit today, and here's what Jules had to say:

Iraqi journalist throws his shoes at Bush. “Here’s a farewell kiss, you dog!” Big Arab insult.

Not exactly what we consider to be within the bounds of free speech in this county [sic], Bill Ayers’ take on that notwithstanding.
What does Bill Ayers have to do with in Iraqi journalist throwing his shoes at Commander Guy? And it gets worse.
I’m pretty sure no one, including this ill-mannered lout of a scribbler, ever did that to Saddam. Not counting when they did it to that statue Bush knocked down.
Yes, no one dared throw his or her shoes at Saddam because it would've likely resulted in their death. (Sarcastic applause).

I suppose what Jules is suggesting is that Iraqis should be grateful that Bush only killed a few hundred thousand of their fellow citizens, displaced millions and tortured a bunch along the way in his completely fucked up invasion of their country, while destroying their infrastructure in the process and fomenting a religious war to boot.

But hey, at least they have the right to throw shoes at people. Sort of.

And it's funny Jules brings up that Saddam statue, which was a staged propaganda photo-op, just like "Mission Accomplished."



Jules doubles down on teh stupid, reaffirming that:

A) Bill Ayers has in fact, nothing whatsoever to do with this story
B) He doesn't know what he's talking about with regard to Iraqi casualties
C) He's a moron

Jules, I know you hate the Iraqis because they hate Commander Guy even more than most Americans, but try not to blog angry. It'll save you a lot of embarrassment.

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