Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hand Me the Gun.

My younger sister is getting married later today.

Yesterday, I made a promise to my six-year-old cousin Leah (seen above, making up for the forthcoming humiliation) that I would sit next to her at dinner. Earlier in the day I'd pissed her off by sitting next to her older sister Sophie in the car.

Cousin TS is a master of pre-teen diplomacy.

Anyway, Leah -- who, like her eight-year-old sister, is so wonderful that I would at a moment's notice toss myself in front of an Amtrak if they asked nicely -- and I were talking about The Band (seriously) and she says to me, for reasons I cannot even begin to fathom

So, what if you're 108 and not married and then you die?

I told her, I don't know how to answer the question and anyway that's one of the most horrible things anyone's ever said to me.

"Just kidding!" she said.

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