Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chuck Todd Sucks.

Here's part of today's Q&A with Very Big Deal, Chuck Todd:

In the last week, John McCain has denied voting against Katrina Aid when he did, twice, and denied comments he made regarding the media's treatment of Hillary Clinton. I have not seen reportage of these inconsistencies in the media, except for the latter story on Countdown (which is hardly "mainstream").

Do you have any thoughts on that? Am I overreacting?


The smart thing for Mr. Todd to say is, "no, loosecannon, of course not! An informed citizenry is teh important!" But of course he doesn't:
I think the media will start their candidate fact-checking in the weeks ahead... i think there just hasn't been a focus on this right now as we've had to cover the Clinton end game and the general election launch. I suspect these candidate fact checking stories to pop up a lot in July

Hey Chuck, could you let us rubes in on your Village timetable? [via]

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