Thursday, November 08, 2007

Instaputz reader smacks Miniter around.

I'd like to buy a beer for the guy/gal who calls himself Guilded Age Redux:
I am appalled and dismayed that one who styles himself a "conservative" would go whining to the courts (of all places!) about one of this country's great corporations. I, for one, am now highly skeptical of you and your motiviations. You and your "co-plaintiffs" contend that your publisher acted to "maximize profits and the profits of its parent company at [your] expense." Exactly. Is this not the ideal corporate model? The profit-focused one that you extolled (or pretended to extol) in "The Myth of Market Share?" Remember? Maximizing profits is the goal of a corporation!! You really should remember that your learned tomes are useful for two purposes: (1) maximizing the profits of your publisher, and (2) creating the appearance that your publisher's political views are widely shared and intellectually sound. Now, you've gone and exposed it all. Not only are you crying like a little girl that your publisher actually tried to maximize profits (oh my god, the corporation is acting like a corporation!), but your greedy lawsuit is exposing your great publisher's very clever practice of selling to vertically owned subsidiaries, thus inflating "sales" for best-seller purposes. Thanks to you, now we all realize that you, your co-plaintiffs, and Ann and Laura don't really sell that many books at all. It's all just a big accounting trick. But if that trick brings in more profits for the corporate ownership, I don't see what your problem is. It's all supposed to be in service of the corporation, right? After all, sir, you're just a scribe, not an owner. So please, stick to typing and stop biting the proverbial hand.

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