Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sprezzatura Lee Siegel Returns

And the poor bastard is so starved for attention that he's trolling Ann Althouse.

Worse, Althouse -- who says she "would be honored to have [Siegel] participate in the comments" -- didn't believe "Lee Siegel" was, well, Lee Siegel.

And who can blame her? Surely, the effects of L'Affaire Sadly, No! still linger and are to blame for her skepticism. She sez, "I have a strong policy against imitations, so you need to prove it to me."

Teh harsh! Siegel replies:

Prove it to you? Are you kidding? You want me to Fedex you my passport? What childishness. Then I guess you can't prove that anyone is who he says he is who writes in to your "blog." Hey, it's me. You just don't want to restore my post. So don't. One more tale from the brave new blogosphere.
Just say the word, Lee. Say it! You know you want to...

"You've given me the proof that you are not Lee Siegel. Thanks," Althouse replies.

Yikes, man. Is this more humiliating than getting spanked by TNR? It so totally is.

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