Monday, March 12, 2007

K-Lo hearts Hannity.

Kathryn Jean-Lopez, who revels in acting as the expert on All Things Catholic, on Sean Hannity's recent public rebuke by a Catholic priest (for more background, see Sullivan):
I have no idea if Fr. Euteneuer talked to Sean first privately, but it sounds like he probably didn't. That's an approach I would have preferred. Instead of writing the Hannity-is-a-"rule-bound and juvenile"-Catholic column, he could have tried reaching out to Hannity, who's always struck me as a reasonable and good guy. A TV and radio star who gave as much airtime to Terri Schiavo's right to life as he did, for instance, deserved that. I'm all for priests correcting people — public Catholics — when they're wrong. But I think there might have been a more fruitful, more persuasive approach that could have been taken in this situation.
But K-Lo didn't seem to mind when a bishop publicly censored John Kerry in 2004:
My point re: Kerry, as I hope I made clear, is that there is no reason for "Catholics" to rally around Kerry as a "Catholic," because in his public life, he acts out of conformity with the public teaching of the Catholic Church. And a bishop acknowledging that a public figure is out of communion with Rome would be more than a few steps short of Inquisition--and actually, probably, a healthy and helpful educational opportunity.
So it's "healthy and educational" for a bishop potentially alter the outcome of a US election but out of line for a priest to criticize Hannity in an obscure column.


K-Lo has now decided, after all, that it would've been better if the bishops had spoken to Kerry personally. That's not at all what her attitude was in '04, when she giddily declared that denying Kerry communion was "the right thing to do."

K-Lo, baby. Stop digging.


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