Friday, March 16, 2007

The death of two wingnut talking points on Plame.

Waxman gets the obvious in the record (h/t Atrios). Plame was covert.
Committee Chairman Henry Waxman, D-Calif., just said he has been told by the CIA, in a statement authorized by CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden, that "Miss Wilson's CIA employment status was covert." (Plame is married to former U.S. diplomat and Bush administration critic Joseph Wilson. She does go by the name Valerie Wilson, but is most often referred to in the media as Valerie Plame, her maiden name, because that is how she first came to be known when her name was leaked.)
So either Gen. Michael Hayden is lying or the wingnuts are lying.

Plame also says under oath that she had absolutely nothing to do with sending Joe Wilson to Niger. So either Plame is lying to Congress under oath or the wingnuts are lying.


And yet, the Guest Putzen keep at it.
OK, it is potato chips for me - the news that Ms. Plame is so covert that not even she knows if she is legally covert is the stuff of late night comedy.
Yeah, it's so funny that the Director of the CIA said her employment status was covert. Isn't that the end of it?

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